Can I drive or are only passenger experiences available?

A: Driving experiences are offered on a case-by-case basis, starting at $999 with a minimum age restriction of 25 yrs old and a valid driver’s licence.

How long are the rides?

A: Our standard routes are 30-45 min but we can also tailor your ride to your needs, offering longer routes for an additional charge.

Can we take photos/videos?

A: Of course! We will also stop for photo opportunities during your route.

Is that price per person?

A: Nope! We charge per vehicle and since most of our vehicles have back seats, bring your friends, family or spouse at no additional charge.

What are the age restrictions?

A: Seven yrs old to ride in the front seat with parental approval. If a child is under seven and wants to ride in a back seat they must have a parent along for the ride as well. Car seats are available as needed.

Do we go fast?

A: We must always obey the street laws but these cars are built for acceleration and we make sure you feel that.

Can we split the time?

A: Only on convoys can you switch.

Which supercar is the most fun?

A: Each vehicle offers its own unique experience and has been chosen for our fleet for that reason. They are like fine art and your opinion is what matters most. We’ll help you choose the supercar that will most satisfy your passion most.

Can we play our own music in the car?

A: The engine will be music to your ears… but yes, all of our cars are equipped with bluetooth or we can provide Spotify access if needed.

Can we go for a ride at night?

A: After hours bookings are available on a case-by-case basis and must be pre-booked.